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Most debates about bowling's playing environment follow one of two paths:

"It's the balls!" or "It's the oil." In our experience opinion, it's BOTH. 

In 1997, the same year Teen Masters began,

Kegel founder John Davis declared the sport of bowling in crisis.

John described the Crisis as the destruction of the balance between bowling balls and oil patterns. More aggressive balls require more oil - more oil requires more aggressive balls.

Oil volumes in many events now exceed 30 ml per lane, with oil patterns transitioning at unprecedented pace and magnitude. 'Matching up' and  'who you follow' have become the dominant factors in bowling competition.


John Davis's one-word description of the Crisis:  


Step On
Tame the Ball

Step Two 
Reduce the Oil

Based on decades of research and field testing, we used modern technology to design a ball that will not flare or absorb oil. The SKILL 3.02 has a low-differential core, a durable, pearlized urethane cover stock, and a hardness of 80.


Click HERE to download the SKILL 35 and SKILL 46 patterns from 2023.
Patterns will vary slightly from center to center based on the lane surface characteristics.

Because bowling ball flare and oil absorption are under control, we have been able to reduce the amount of lane conditioner applied to each lane. Our SKILL patterns use less than 8.5 mL of lane conditioner and hold up for three squads!

  • Less oil = less transition

  • Less transition = less chaos

For more SKILL Bowling information,
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SKILL Bowling


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